Top iPad Cases for Kids

I have, over the years, used all of these cases either on my iPad at home or school, or for my phone. This list of recommendations is in no particular order.

1. Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military case:

Griffin GB Survivor Extreme, iPad cases for kidsThe Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military case is probably one of the safest choices you can make. It is liquid spill proof, the ports are covered, and it can handle a decent drop…and by decent drop I mean the test for it was a 6 foot flat drop onto a concrete surface. If it can protect an kids iPad case during a test like that, I am pretty sure it can survive your kids! I use this case on my phone and I love it! I have even drove over my phone while it was in this case and it came out in one piece…that story is for another day. 


gripcase, ipad cases for kidsThe GRIPCASE is made of shock absorbent foam that cover the sides and back, with built in “crumple-zones”. While this is a great case, it is best suited for school age children as it is not spill-proof and the screen and ports are not covered. The frame around the edges has handles that are the perfect size for little hands which can be a lot of fun when using games that work on hand eye coordination such as Motion Math

3. Winpartner Travellor Silicon Case:

winpartner travellor, ipad cases for kidsThe Winpartner Travellor Case is very similar to the Griffin Survivor Extreme in that they both went through the same level of testing. This iPad case is another great option as it is spill-proof, ports are covered, and it can handle rough use. The only real difference is that there are slightly more color choices from this brand and the price is a couple dollars cheaper. 

4. Speck Products iGuy:

speck products iguy, ipad cases for kidsI love how adorable the Speck iGuy is. He is fun, friendly, and super inviting. This is the current case that I have on our iPad at home. While the ports and screen are not covered, making this case not safe around spills, we have really loved this case. He can also handle a decent drop. This case is super easy for kids to stand up and his arms are the perfect grip size for little hands. Recently when we drove cross country I discovered that his arms fit perfectly between two captain seats. This makes it easy for kids to share the iPad during those ridiculously long trips. The only complaint I have on this case is that it is a bugger to get the iPad into. While this does mean the iPad is in the case good and snug (won’t fall out), it does make cleaning the case a bit of a chore. 

5. Trident Kraken Case: 

Trident kraken, ipad cases for kidsThe Trident Kraken case is very similar to the other cases that are spill safe, drop safe, with covered ports. What makes this case different is that it comes with an A.M.S. attachment port. While the attachments do need to be bought separately, this is a very neat feature to use for children with limited motor abilities. Don’t know what an A.M.S. attachment port is? Check out these Trident Kraken YouTube videos to see what it can do.  

6. Otterbox: 

otterbox, ipad cases for kidsWhen it comes to heavy duty iPad cases, Otterbox is by far my favorite. It shares all the same basic features as the other heavy duty cases, but is not as bulky as the Travellor or the Griffin. When we used a heavy duty case on our iPad at home, this is the one I chose to use. My choice to use this brand was completely based on its ability to easily slide into my purse. While that seems like a silly reason to choose a case, when Livia was little I needed something heavy duty yet easy to bring along. This way my hands could be free and I always had our homemade social stories with. The other cases will easily fit into larger purses and diaper bags. It is all just a personal preference. 

7. Big Grips:

big grips, ipad cases for kidsBig Grips latex free squishy frame (no back) is an affordable solution to protect your iPad with school aged children. Since this case is around 1 inch thick, it is a bit of a challenge to plug in and charge. However, this case is very simple to put on and take off. 

8. HHI Kids Fun Play Armor:

hhi fun play armor, ipad cases for kidsThe HHI Armor is a playfully bright case for school aged children. It’s extra thick layers provide quality shock absorption. While the front of the iPad is not covered, the raised design around the corners provide drop protection for the screen. This case is awesome for the iPad Mini, I would not recommend it for a full size iPad. 

9. i-Blason ArmorBox Kiddo:

i-Blason, iPad cases for kidsThe i-Blason ArmorBox for Kids is an amazing case! This thick light weight case will protect your iPad from dings and dents and has covered ports. The kid friendly handle doubles as a versatile stand. The only downside for this case is that the stand props the case completely vertical when standing up. This is great for helping kids see, but can cause a strain for adults when playing on the iPad with kids. 

10. mEDGE SuperShell Foam Frame:

mEDGE, ipad cases for kidsThe mEDGE Foam Frame is very similar to the Big Grips. What makes this case special is that the foam covering wraps around the back with openings for the camera and speaker. The texture around the edges provide an extra grip making the case non-slip. 

Do you have any advice for parents on how to protect their KIDS IPAD CASE? If so, share it in the comments! 

iPad Cases than Can Survive Young Kids

Lately I have done a couple reviews on KIDS IPAD CASE apps for kids and feed back I have been getting across various social media outlets has been awesome! I love to see all the interaction and questions! One of the most common reoccurring questions I have been getting has been about how to protect your iPad from damage and how to control what your kids have access to. It might take me a bit to get everything covered, but over the next couple weeks I do plan on answering these questions.

iPad Cases for Kids
iPad Cases for Kids

Full Disclosure: If you would like to purchase any of these iPad Cases for Kids please use the links provided. The cost is the same to you, but Parenting Chaos gets a small percentage allowing us to keep this blog maintained. The items listed in this guide were chosen by me and the opinions expressed are 100% my own. You can read my disclosure policy here. Thanks for your on going support!

We got our first KIDS IPAD CASE for Livia when she was almost 3 years old. While that is very young to be getting a child their own iPad we had our reasons. At the time Livia had maybe 25 words, had just started her early childhood autism program, and had limited therapy options. Six months later we moved to an even smaller town. The only thing really there was a gas station and school – I drove 4 hours round trip twice a week just so she could get therapy and fought for a year in attempts to get her into public school (which was never successful and the reason for our third move). So for us, having an iPad that I could work on her with was a major blessing.

In the four years that we have had an iPad in our home, I have had to have the screen repaired twice. A cracked iPad screen is going to cost you at minimum $100…if you are lucky. I know when I shopped around for cases the prices on some of these made me do a double take and think seriously? for a piece of plastic..The thing is, they work. Both times our iPad has broken have been because I took it out of the case to clean the case.

Even if your iPad is not for your child, I can guarantee you that at one point or another your child will get their hands on it. And lets face it, young kids can be destructive. Not intentionally… Young kids are learning how to control their motor abilities and their emotions. Any iPad that is shared with a young child is bound to be dropped or find itself in the middle of a temper tantrum eventually.

The Best iPad Cases for Kids, Toddlers, and Babies | 2014

Our Hunt For The Best iPad Case For Our Kid!
best ipad case kids toddler babies kids

Noah’s only 20 months old, but he’s been a fan of the iPad ever since his tiny fingers first touched that glorious glass screen. He enjoys the interactive books, playing fun games, watching movies, and checking out his Baby Signing Times videos on it! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658

As much fun as I enjoy playing around on the iPad with him, it’d be nice to let him enjoy the iPad on his own every once in a while. But before that could happen I needed to find the best iPad cover for a curious little toddler. However I quickly discovered that finding the best ipad case for a kid can be difficult.  We currently have one of Apple’s Smart Cases, which allows us to prop the iPad up landscape style so Noah can watch Baby Signing Times while he eats breakfast (and we can get ready for the day.)

The problem with the Smart Case (and most other IPAD 4 CASE FOR KIDS)….

However, the Smart Case doesn’t work well for a toddler since it doesn’t offer much protection from dropping, licking, trying to eat, throwing out of a crib, knocking off a table; you know the typical baby-iPad scenarios. (However, it is great for adults who just want to protect their iPad’s screen from getting scratched in their briefcase, diaper bag, etc.)

After doing a little research on the best iPad cases for a young child, these 8 iPad cases really rose to the top. I thought I’d put a list together to save you the trouble of having to do the research on your own. By the way, all of these cases are available on Amazon, which means they can be shipped! So feel free to forward this post to any grandparents who may be looking to buy an iPad case as a gift for their little grandson / granddaughter!. ;-)

Oh, and if you are thinking of buying your child an KIDS IPAD CASE, make sure they have these 6 other gifts that are way cheaper first.
8 Great iPad Cases for Kids

Best iPad cases for kids: the best four to choose from

SPeck iGuy

The iGuy is more than just a case, your kids might even grow to think of it as a toy itself! The free-standing foam case fits all full-size iPads and is every bit as protective as it looks. It's lightweight, easy to hold, and can stand up on own two feet, literally! The two arms (grab handles) make it suitable for playing games as well as moving around the house. Plenty of interactive games and apps have a tilt control which is perfectly catered for with this case. iGuy might be a bit bulky for some parents' tastes, and some kids' hands, but the protection here is unrivalled. For the price you can't really complain.

2. Speck Handyshell For iPad

Price: £40 / $55

Speck Handyshell

This case isn't aimed at kids, so for many parents it provides a suitable half way house between a highly protective case for when the kids are using the iPad and something they would be comfortable using themselves. After all, it can be a pain to keep changing cases when going from the kids using the iPad back to the parents trying to send an email with it! The HandyShell features a unique and sturdy handle that can be used in dozens of ways! HandyShell's strong-hinged handle works great as a thumb ring for a one-handed grip or as a stand in landscape or portrait mode.

3. Kensington Safegrip Rugged Case & Stand

Price: £40 / $55

Kensington Safegrip

The Kensington SafeGrip is made of a slightly firmer rubber than the 'squishier' iGuy and Big Grips Frame. This sturdiness is to make it more useful as a carrycase and stand, which is does very well. The carry handle doubles up as a handy two-position stand for viewing and typing., perfect for use at home and school. The IPAD 4 CASE FOR KIDS screen is always at risk of damage, so the SafeGrip provides a snug screen protection against scratches and smudges. It also features a stylus holder, since a stylus can really help keep oily fingers off the screen while also aiding accuracy. A perfect iPad protective case for young shool kids.

4. Big Grips Frame For iPad

Big Grips
Price: £25 / $35

The simplest of designs in this roundup, the Big Grips Frame for iPad doesn't win any awards for looks, it's big and bulky, but it's super protective with its soft rubber housing that's sturdy and strong enough to withstand a fair bit of abuse. Coupled with the Big Grip Stand, it makes for an excellent padding for any iPad usage scenario for your kids. That stand is an additional cost though. The case has large gaps for all the ports and switches on the full-size iPad and despite its bulk the case stays firm at all times. For KIDS IPAD CASE owners there's the Big Grips Tweener which is a scaled down version of this case.

14 iPad cases for your child with special needs

You just invested in a shiny new KIDS IPAD CASE for you child with special needs. Next, you lay out some more money to purchase a few communication apps, install them and your child is off and running with a $500 piece of equipment. Minutes later you see the iPad less bounce its way down those beautiful wooden stairs of yours… And then you woke up from your nightmare. You were smart enough to purchase a protective case for the iPad. Your child gets to develop communication and social skills while dad becomes an Angry Birds champion. Make sure you don’t have an iPad nightmare…

  We have 2 autistic children here and the oldest one is good with the KID IPAD 4 CASE but the youngest one broke all our ipads by throwing them in anger when the batteries ran out of charge or when he had a melt down. We have waited a while for the children to get a bit older and we’re going to try again with the ipads. We need a case that won’t break when thrown and also I’d like a case the children cannot remove themselves (we have two boys). The Griffin sounds good but I’ve read above about children breaking the Otter and Griffin cases. We had iguy cases which were good when the kids were very small but they were useless when the ipad was thrown deliberately and shattered. Now the oldest child is nearly 8. It’s hard for us because if we have an ipad for the oldest child the youngest will become very angry and upset if he can’t have one too. We also have an ipad 2 and an ipad 3 so the case must be suitable for both (we will buy a case for each ipad). Apple charges for the change over of the ipads as apple care does not cover ipads broken like this. One last condition is that the cover must be water proof as on occassionally the younger child urinated on the ipad (hopefully he has outgrown this now).

Gumdrop Tech Series iPad Case is Tough Enough For Kids

ipad cases for children with autism
 ipad cases for children with autism

The Gumdrop Tech Series iPad Case is another cleverly designed iPad case that is very difficult to break.  It’s easy to hold because of the rubber bumpers on the back, which also give it added shock absorption.  A nice feature to this case is the ability to replace the screen protector.  This high quality case can be had for around $60.

Gumdrop iPad cases are available at amazon.

According to Gumdrop:

If you’re looking for the most rugged, durable yet ultimately affordable protection for the new iPad, you found it in the Drop Tech Series Case for the new iPad 3. Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the Drop Tech Series Case for the new iPad 3 specifically conforms to the shape of the new iPad and offers multiple layers of protection. This new KID IPAD 4 CASE features a uniquely replaceable, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection.

Otterbox iPad Defender Case

ipad cases for children with autism
 ipad cases for children with autism

Not only is iGuy an adorable KIDS IPAD CASE, he’s not too expensive and is able to protect your iPad very well.  Kids can drop him, throw him, or place nice with him, and chances are your iPad will be fine.  This case is just $40, cheaper than some of the other more military-grade cases on this list.  Another nice choice in the iPad cases for kids list!

iGuy Cases for iPad are available at amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658

Speck Products Says:

Meet iGuy – the freestanding foam case for the new iPad, KID IPAD 4 CASE and iPad original. Every bit as protective as he is a blast to use, iGuy is the perfect iPad accessory for kids and grownups alike. He’s lightweight, easy to hold, and he can stand on his own two feet, even while holding up your iPad. He may look like he’s all about fun, but his soft, squishy body disguises tough EVA foam protection. iGuy will help you feel more secure as you hand your iPad over to your baby or small child!

iBallz iPad Case For Kids With Autism

ipad case for children with autism
ipad case for children with autism
The iBallz KIDS IPAD CASE is a unique take on iPad protection – instead of protecting just from falls at certain angles, iBallz protects you from everything. Spills, drops at an angle, drops with the screen down, you name it, and iBallz protects against it. The iBallz are just $20.
iBallz are available at eBay.
More from its maker, Friendly Integration:
iBallz Original is a shock-absorbing harness for Apple iPad (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation). Four shock-absorbing balls fit over the corners of your iPad and are held in place by an adjustable elastic cord. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658

Big Grips iPad Case For Children

big grips ipad case for children with autism big grips ipad case for children with autism The Big Grips KIDS IPAD CASE isn’t as protective as some cases, but it’s sure kid-friendly enough for most. The thick, squishy outside cover helps with shock absorbance and with the comfort of holding the device. You can even buy an additional Big Grips Stand to go with your case – the case is $35, and you can get the stand and the case for $50. The developer offers discounts to educators! Big Grips is available at eBay. KID IPAD 4 CASE Description from KEM Ventures: Yep. Squishy. As in soft, squishy, easy to grab foam. That means fewer slips, drops, and tumbles—and plenty of cushion just in case. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658


The kids case for iPad 4 is very durable

I bought the iPad Kids case for my 5 year old nephew and he LOVES IT! Let me explain this case in more detail. The case is made from safe EVA foam which is non-toxic in case the little ones bite the case. The kids case for iPad 4 is very durable, light weight, and shockproof which can withstand many drops. The iPad case has a carrying handle which is very useful because the kids can grab it and carry it around the house. More important the handle can rotate 180 degrees so it can turn into a stand so the little ones can watch their favorite cartoon tv show on their iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini, or the iPad Air. I would recommend this case to anyone with children.The iPad kids case is a GREAT gift for the Holidays! Also this case can be used in construction jobs.

We love this ipad 2 kids case!

 My two young sons have Autism and require visual stimulation from the iPad several times daily - not to mention the games we have on it for reinforcement of good behavior as well. These ipad cases truly do protect the iPad from breakage and crushing that can happen if left unprotected around children. The handy handle is great for toting it around and also allows 2 viewing angles - the first as in the picture with the iPad propped up like a TV, and the other lying almost flat with the handle bent backwards supporting the top while playing video games or reading an electronic book. We love this ipad 2 kids case!

We really liked ipad kids case once we figured out how to get it on

 We really liked ipad kids case once we figured out how to get it on! We weren't used to this type of case, so it took us a few tries to figure it out. Then we couldn't figure out how to put it to "sleep" like our old cover did (it covered the screen and would turn the screen off when shut). I found out that you have to turn the screen off by pushing the power button through the back of the holder, not by pressing down on the top of the holder. Now that we know how to fully use it, we love it!
 this case fit the ipad 2 perfectly and its not top heavy like the kids safe version. ipad case for kids


I bought the case to go with my son's IPAD AIR

I bought the case to go with my son's IPAD AIR that he's getting for Birthday.They fit perfectly and seems very durable.Work well . I wouldn't like could be that the clear plastic screen is roofed in long scratched(?) linesto the event.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LSI Folks the Kindle's screen look bad. Normally,I wouldn't be too upset complete a small scratch or two for the time it didn't affect anything and the item served it's purpose, but this looks terrible! After further inspection, I decided to keep the case (because it really does seem to be of very good quality) and try to remove the clear plastic screen cover and just apply a screen protector within a store. I was using a knife to pry the plastic off when -LOOK!http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LSI  - a protective peel-off sheet separated from the plastic cover! No more lines through the screen! You cannot tell that there is a protective sheet on the website that you're supposed to remove and the case came from EASTMATE with no instructions telling you to clear out one.

I bought the case to go with my son's IPAD AIR

I bought the case to go with my son's IPAD AIR that he's getting for Birthday.They fit perfectly and seems very durable.Work well . I wouldn't like could be that the clear plastic screen is roofed in long scratched(?) linesto the event.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGH7XDS Folks the Kindle's screen look bad. Normally,I wouldn't be too upset complete a small scratch or two for the time it didn't affect anything and the item served it's purpose, but this looks terrible! After further inspection, I decided to keep the case (because it really does seem to be of very good quality) and try to remove the clear plastic screen cover and just apply a screen protector within a store. I was using a knife to pry the plastic off when -LOOK!http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGH7XDS   - a protective peel-off sheet separated from the plastic cover! No more lines through the screen! You cannot tell that there is a protective sheet on the website that you're supposed to remove and the case came from EASTMATE with no instructions telling you to clear out one.


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